Abhyanga Body Oil
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Abhyanga Body Oil

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Traditionally handcrafted, herbal-infused body oil to nourish, moisturize, and bring comfort and balance to your whole body. 8 fl.

Apply to the whole body after bathing. Massage into skin until fully absorbed. For abhyanga, ​apply​ ​before shower​ and let oil sit for 5-20 minutes. Use long strokes on the limbs, circular motions on the joints and abdomen. Shower and pat dry.  Use once or twice daily.​


Vata Body Oil
ground + nourish

This warming and nourishing blend pacifies, protects, and replenishes people with a vata nature, and/or those experiencing a vata imbalance (i.e. dry, rough, and thin skin). 

Ingredients: ashwagandha*, bala*, vidari*, brahmi*, tulsi*, haritaki*, myrrh, dashmool, unrefined extra virgin sesame oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, lavender essential oil
*organic ingredients

Pitta Body Oil
soothe + balance
Cooling and nourishing blend to calm, relax, and replenish people with a pitta nature (fire + water), and/or those experiencing a pitta imbalance (i.e. excess heat, inflammation and sensitive skin).

Ingredients: neem*, manjishta*, brahmi*, mint*, chamomile*, bhringraj* in sunflower/sesame oil blend*, lavender essential oil
*organic ingredients

Kapha Body Oil

invigorate + uplift
Stimulating and nourishing blend to revitalize, uplift, and replenish people with a kapha nature (earth + water), and/or those experiencing a kapha imbalance (i.e. poor circulation, congestion & oiliness).

Ingredients: punarnava*, bibhitaki*, mint*, chamomile*, turmeric*, tulsi*, basil*, cinnamon*, extra virgin sesame oil*, sunflower oil*, clove essential oil

*organic ingredients

Tridosha Body Oil
maintain + nourish
Balancing and nourishing blend to sustain, moisturize and replenish skin of all body types.

Ingredients: ashwagandha*, bala*, neem*, tulsi*, manjishta*, brahmi*, sunflower*, unrefined extra virgin sesame oil*, lavender essential oil

*organic ingredients