Botanical Toning Mist
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Botanical Toning Mist

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A hydrating blend to prep the skin to deeply absorb nutrients from your serum, or to use throughout the day to refresh and re-energize. 

100% Organic Ingredients’ power and purpose:

  • deionized water: purified water that has mineral rich ions removed
  • Rosewater: cooling & hydrating properties that soothes skin’s irritations + balances skin's pH
  • witch hazel extract: astringent properties known to ease inflammation + soothe skin redness, puffiness, & dark circles
  • calendula essential oil: abundant in carotenoids, vitamin A, vitamin E + ability to stimulates collagen production to brighten skin
  • lavender essential oil: reduces stress + protects from free radical damage + moisturizes + unclogs pores
  • ylang ylang essential oil: naturally regulates skin to promote balance
  • Neroli essential oil: repairs + rejuvenates skin by regenerating cells & increasing skin elasticity

Care: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
Life: Due to no preservatives, please use within 6-8 months.