Botanical Face Serum
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Botanical Face Serum

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A potent blend of essential nutrients and antioxidants for your skin to restore and maintain a luminous and healthy complexion.

100% Organic Ingredients’ power and purpose:

  • sesame oil: anti-aging properties that firm skin, aid in collagen production + neutralizes oxygen radicals
  • amla (Indian gooseberry): powerful antioxidant containing high levels of vitamin C that tones + strengthens the skin
  • brahmi: potent antioxidant herb that diminishes fine lines & wrinkles + firms skin & increases elasticity & collagen production
  • Bakuchi: revered as nature’s retinol, a powerful antioxidant & anti-aging herb that treats discoloration + reduces fine lines
  • argan oil: rich in essential omega fatty acids & vitamin E 
  • jojoba oil: abundant in skin-repairing vitamins & minerals including vitamin E & B-complex
  • rose damascena essential oil: powerful hydrator for skin + restores complexion
  • rosehip seed oil: powerful anti-aging & moisturizer + rich in fatty acids, youth-giving proteins, vitamin A, & vitamin C to protect & regenerate skin
  • pumpkin seed oil: rich in vitamin E, zinc, fatty acids, & antioxidants which moisturizes + fights free radicals
  • vitamin E: effective antioxidant for combating free radicals & photodamage
  • pomegranate seed oil: rich in antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin K & tannins, to promote a radiant complexion
  • calendula essential oil: rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamin A, & vitamin E + stimulates collagen production & brightens complexion
  • helichrysum essential oil: promotes healthy skin cell growth & regeneration

Care: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
Life: Due to no preservatives, please use within 6-8 months.