p h i l o s o p h y

We are seeing fashion become a lifeless process sold out to efficiency and excess. We live in an age of the disposables where today’s top is tomorrow’s trash. The artisan's touch has been pushed aside for machines, or exploited for hours on end. The earth’s bountiful luster that once colored our clothes has been replaced by synthetic, toxic chemicals. And the unfair and unequal exchanges of wages for labor and goods further wedges us against our own humanity and connection to our global neighbors.

There is timeless art, history, and spirit in every handcrafted and handwoven textile from India. The traditional techniques of block printing, embroidery, weaving, and use of natural dyes are wholly dependent on the earth and the craftsmanship of devoted hands. We aim to revive and preserve this rich and vibrant craft heritage and culture, which is sadly dwindling away, while empowering and sustaining the people and earth that clothe us. 

v a l u e s

Given that the world is trending towards increased globalization, wealth inequalities, and environmental degradation, we believe that businesses must transform from one of greed and exploitation to one that is first and foremost a service to people and the earth. Therefore, a sense of responsibility for ecological stewardship, sustainable development, and holistic social impact services is at our core. To ensure we stay true to our mission, vision and values, we have taken shelter of the four guiding principles of dharma that originate from the ancient wisdom texts of India. We endeavor to integrate truthfulness, purity, mercy, and discipline at every stage of business, which we see as our service in the world:

Commitment to transparency (truth)
communicating with respect, trust and honesty with our nonprofit partners, artisan communities, and our customers.

Commitment to integrity (purity)
choosing socially and ecologically just practices that uphold artisans’ dignity to pursue a better livelihood, persevere traditional craft culture of India, and honor Mother Earth’s resources as gifts.

Commitment to compassion (mercy)
alleviating poverty by empowering women to build their own strong, thriving livelihoods, and dedicated to sustainable and responsible actions that replenish and heal Mother Earth.

Commitment to change for the better (discipline)
striving to improve the world by revitalizing rural, ecological economies and creating a revolution of conscious consumers that radically transforms the fashion industry.