In light of COVID-19, we are unable to access our inventory to fulfill orders at this time. In addition, our latest spring/summer 2020 collection is stuck at the Indian border.  With that said, we still hope you'll pre-order now and we aim to begin shipping again by May 1. We are a small woman-owned business and have no investors backing us, so we rely on orders to keep us going. Please know that every purchase and every referral goes a long way in continuing what we do which is much more than just ethical, sustainable clothing...


ethical + sustainable + slow fashion

spring summer 2019 collection

Our mission is to empower rural prosperity and protect mother earth by supporting women artisans and providing sustainable development in rural villages of India.

We envision a world where all rural women have the opportunity to thriving and inspiring livelihoods and consumers can purchase products made with integrity that truly benefit their makers and honor the earth. By reciprocating with women and the planet in a just and sustainable way we are sharing in the beauty that heals broken relationships between the artisan, earth, and consumer, transforming poverty and degradation into prosperity and wholeness.